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The Expanding Hollow Earth Theory

The Expanding Earth idea has been around for a long time, but science has not considered it worthy of genuine investigation because a driving force was missing. This is where the Hollow Earth theory comes in. A new understanding of Gravity gives rise to an expanding, hollow Earth and once and for all neatly solves the drifting continent phenomenon.

This website sets out to prove that the Hollow Earth Theory and the Expanding Earth theory have credible scientific merit and should not be ignored. There is a wealth of evidence surfacing today that throws our current beliefs regarding the structure of our planet into serious doubt. Our goal is to accumulate as much of this information as possible and provide it in one easy-to-access place for all.

Throughout the pages of this website new ideas and discoveries are presented from wide-ranging areas of science. Our investigation has delved into many subjects and disciplines including geology and plate tectonics, paleontology and evolution, genetics and biology, gravity, astronomy and others. Each of these topics has their own exciting story to tell and together they will build a new picture of the Earth that is sure to surprise.

It is time look at the information before us with fresh eyes and open minds and to seek out the truth for ourselves.

New Expanding Hollow Earth Blog

Listen to our Hollow Earth radio interview on Coast To Coast FM with George Noory.

See our new Hollow Earth blog for all the latest information regarding our book and our theory. We are posting regularly now so there will always be new information and interesting facts to read about. We also invite the public to leave comments and ask questions.

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